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Food bullet 3Switch off appliances!! Households waste up to £227 a year by leaving appliances on stand-by!!




Food bullet 2Wear an extra jumper, put an extra blanket on the bed and turn down your thermostat by just 1°C to save £60 a year!




Turn off the water while brushing teeth!

Food bullet 3Make a list when you go grocery shopping to avoid buying unnecessary food! 




Food bullet 2Use portion control tools to avoid leftovers!




Be creative with recipes and make the most from your leftovers!



Sustainable Communities Project is a community engagement project launched by Action for Community and Environment (ACE) to raise environmental awareness across London whilst helping adopt money-saving practices and improving community cohesion.

Through a series of interactive workshops we communicate the concept of sustainability in simple terms and provide tools and easy practices on how to reduce energy, recycle dry waste and avoid food waste.

We organise fun challenges to encourage community members to develop and share new skills and habits towards a sustainable lifestyle.

We’ve developed a sustainability game to show what kind of ideas we focus on, why not have a play!?



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